Hello brothers and sisters.

I post upon you, for your assistance and sharing of knowledge.

I have a debt that I do not believe was bought out by a 3rd party, but contracted with a 3rd party, Allied Interstate LLC to collect a debt for Synchrony Bank.

I dunno if this is a new tactic as some were getting out of debts bought out by other parties.

Anyway, I paid the debt in full twice via my social security account for those who know what I am talking about that was working this summer 2017. The payments stuck for over 72 hours, upon research the FED RES.'s contacted these entities who received the funds, in this case Synchrony Bank and asked for the funds be returned since the FED RES. can only transmit payments outgoing with no reversal controls. My debt showed a balance of $0. Anyway I received a letter stating, "Your payment, in the amount of $13,300 credited to your account on 7/07/17 has been returned to us by your Bank." Later someone went int and manually adjusted the debt owed, and either returned the funds to the bank, or stole the money. I am the authorized owner on the account, but don't have access to the FED RES to even find out if the funds were returned. Maybe they had to return the funds because they were already paid from my BC?(SS?) account, and cant double dip on that end even though we the "man" pay twice on all of our loans(debts).

Now the 3rd party is attempting to collect the debt. I've been paying the debt via check, signed with U.D. (under duress) and [UCC1-308] bc my father is cosigner and he is of the generation that is obsessed with perfect credit and lacks knowledge of the reality or truths.

Can anyone recommend some steps or actions to resolve this issue, the debt?
I am working on SPC, and A4V process, as I am one who has to wrap my head around something completely before doing it and those who claim it works, don't talk much. I know in the past I had my head wrapped around SPC & A4V, but as time goes on I get pulled away and it's like it fades away..ugg.

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When you are contracting, you can respond in either one of four ways:
1) Full Acceptance
2) Conditional Acceptance (Counter-offer)
3) Remain Silent
4) Argue/Discuss/Fight/Make Statements

Could this be applied, I am sure it could be.

I have a sure way to remove collections from your credit report, and I have used it to remove over $20,000 worth of collections removed and it only took very little effort on my part.

If anyone would like to know, or get the info for my technique... please feel free to message me.

Also if anyone has some updated info on the TDA accounts, I would very much appreciate that info.


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