I'm in the process of putting together my SPC paperwork and was looking for someone willing to connect and discuss a possible surety relationship. I would be willing to sign as surety on someone's bonds provided those were equal to mine and that said person would sign as surety on mine.


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at the expense of being expulsed from this site by the person respomnsible. i have filed my ucc-1 and still cannot find any resolutions to using this account the way druanna advertisies, tho i will give her credit that the deadly weapon letter still works , tho there are sites on fb that are giving similar advice for free with similar results

Which sites are you talking about ? Please share . I filed my ucc1 document I reserved my name and they filed the ucc 1 document but now I have to finish incorporating my name and I have to do the letter acknowledging I incorporated my name so nobody can you send it without my written consent but how did you do the process where are you with the paperwork ?


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