I sent my package one registered mail without specifying return receipt. I put the registered mail number on my legal notice and demand before I registered it. What should I do to get my green card receipt?

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You sent the one registered mail without specifying to the postoffice that you needed a greencard receipt? this was on the instructions that was very crucial. If this was your first package, you are suppose to wait atleast 30 days from the time you sent out the package to give the treasury time to respond. If it is past the 30 day mark then you move onto the second package. If you sent the package registered mail return receipt from the beginning you wouldnt have to wait. Now what color is the registered mail to make sure you are doing this right? Is it red or green?

It was red. I saw on the USPS tracking website that it was picked up at the post office. Anyway, I've since then sent out packages 2 and 3 and got my 98-EIN. I am currently preparing to send out certified checks since the BOE, LOM, PNOTE, and VACN didn't seem to work for any of my creditors. I've also sent notices that the accounts have been paid off and the corresponding IRS and Treasury addresses. I'm still getting phone calls saying they will not accept those forms of payment even though the letters were addressed to the CFO of the companies.


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