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    67 members Latest Activity: Aug 23

    To come together in Love and discover the all that Love is. HERE WE CAN DISCUSS ALL THINGS RELATED TO TWIN-FLAMES, TWIN-SOULS, TWIN-RAYS, AND TRUE…

  • Creative Expressions

    6 members Latest Activity: Jun 8

    A place where members can display their creative side, whether it be painting, sewing, or other crafts that have been handmade.

  • Animal Totems & Spirit Guides

    48 members Latest Activity: Sep 1

    A Sacred place to learn about the many animal totems here to help guide us on our spiritual journey, along with what they teach or help with, what…

  • SC MasterMind Class

    76 members Latest Activity: May 27

    This is SC MasterMind Class for the newbees


    67 members Latest Activity: Jul 25

    Come Join our Ormus Group raise your vibration and Freqnuency, detox the pineal gland, Raise your PH Balance, and reverse AGING PROCESS


  • Blessings, Healing, Prayer Requests, & Support

    64 members Latest Activity: 19 hours ago

    This group is for people to receive prayers & post prayer requests, receive daily blessings from the Angels, and healing energies. You can…

  • Illuminating Minds Society Podcast

    68 members Latest Activity: Aug 31

    Here is where you will find our Soundcloud of our Radio Show

    We are currently uploading more from our past shows and more to come! Feel free…


    41 members Latest Activity: Sep 26

    welcome to the Unschooling group. I am a mother of 4 and I decided to unschool my 2 younger children ages 7 and 8. It is time we take this step to…

  • Support

    43 members Latest Activity: Jul 30

    This is the Illuminating minds membership welcome center and support group for discussing site issues, possible changes, community events, network…

  • the crystalline beings

    32 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    this group is for people with info on the crystalline beings. I have been searching for months to no prevail. Any and all info regarding these…

  • Skype or Tiny Chat Meetup

    18 members Latest Activity: May 19

    This is a place where we will be holding Meetings, Ritual, Workshops via Skype, Teamspeak, Tiny Chat, or other Video Chat platform


  • THC Trust.Org

    23 members Latest Activity: Jul 25

    Trust organization to help Indigenous to a Free Private Sector

  • The Science of Getting Rich

    51 members Latest Activity: Oct 6

    Great place to manifest your dreams and meditate to make law of attraction work for you!


    27 members Latest Activity: Jul 30

    Adverse possession under Claim of Right. 

  • The Reality behind Income Tax Enforcement

    19 members Latest Activity: May 25 We will discuss the realities of the Courts and Income Tax Enforcement.

  • IRS and the TAX ISSUE

    35 members Latest Activity: May 30 Okay something is up guys and gals. I've been reading the US MODEL for tax treaties. Apparently, if I am reading this right, there are only 2…


    15 members Latest Activity: Jul 30

    A comprehensive community  driven news updates.ON CURRENT EVENTS AROUND THE WORLD.


    16 members Latest Activity: Aug 20 This Group is to discuss various ways to survive in the coming economic collapse by coming together and trading without the nessesity of money.

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